1. Everyone who supports elephant conservation by donating to IEF.
    We are so grateful for each and every donation. Every gift is important including our monthly giving community, Big Tusker sponsors, research donations, and those of you who support our entire pallet of projects each year!
  2. Zoos
    Zoos and the animals they care for educate the public about important biodiversity and wildlife conservation issues. Ambassador species in zoos facilitate important research into subjects like animal behavior and how to treat illnesses. In addition to providing for their animals, Zoos contribute millions of dollars to wildlife conservation organizations across the globe that are working to save endangered species.
  3. Conservation Partners
    Our conservation partners are the ones who are doing the hard work on the ground, oftentimes under difficult living conditions and with little recognition. We appreciate your generosity of spirit to protect and conserve elephants!
  4. Granting Agencies
    Worldwide research and conservation organizations depend on the grants provided by these incredible organizations. Without this much-needed support, vaccines may not have been developed, habitats might have been lost, and our world would have been worse off.
  5. Researchers
    Science isn’t always glamorous, but the perseverance, ingenuity, and intelligence displayed by researchers are exactly how some of the greatest conservation breakthroughs have been made. We love our experts and are indebted to them for their guidance, knowledge, and accomplishments.
  6. Social media fans & followers
    It may seem like small potatoes, but sharing, commenting, and liking our posts help spread our message of conservation to a larger audience. When you use your personal platform to bring IEF to your friends and family you are paying us the highest compliment and bringing us into your community. We are grateful for every click!
  7. Rangers / Eco-guards
    These brave men and women are literally the “boots on the ground” in the fight for elephants, habitats, and wildlife. These frontline defenders make personal sacrifices every day and we couldn’t do our work without them! We can never show them enough gratitude and love, but we will always try.
  8. Communities co-existing with elephants
    Without community involvement and a feeling of ownership and pride in their natural treasure, the elephant, there can be no safe coexistence and the security threats to humans, habitat, and wildlife will continue. Cooperation with those who must live day in and day out with wildlife in their backyards is the only way forward to create sustainable long-term survival of wildlife. We are grateful for every farmer, villager, and the individual who work every day to be the living embodiment of peaceful coexistence.
  9. Elephants
    Elephants are the charismatic megaherbivores that seem so human and so unique all at the same time. They are the reason for IEF’s existence and we celebrate each and everyone.
  10. You!
    Your support means so much, especially in this difficult time when worries are high and individual sacrifice is so great. COVID-19 is hitting both Africa and Asia hard not only taking a human toll but since tourism is at a halt everywhere, much needed, and anticipated income is no longer available to governments and communities which then limits their conservation, education, and protection efforts for animals and habitats. We need your help now more than ever and hope that you consider a gift to IEF on this “Giving Tuesday”.


All financial donations to IEF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax deductible under United States law.

Thanks to our many generous friends and supporters, we’re moving forward with a vision that promotes elephant conservation, scientific investigation and education. We don’t expect the future to be easy, but we are up to the task.

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