IEF-supported projects protect elephants from poaching, seek solutions for human-elephant conflict, equip and train community conservationists, increase our knowledge of the treatment and prevention of disease and educate people.

In 2017, IEF will provide over $600,000 to support elephant conservation around the world, adding to the over $4 million total invested in conserving elephants since our inception in 1998. The following elephant conservation projects will receive support from IEF in 2017.




  • Big Tusker Project (Providing Extra Protection for Tsavo’s Iconic “Tuskers”), Kenya
  • Conservation of Elephants in Key Areas of Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA), Uganda
  • Elephant Utilization of the Kafue-Zambezi Wildlife Corridor of KAZA TFCA, Zambia
  • HEC Abatement: Deterrents, Ecological Correlates, and Climate Smart Agriculture Practices, Kenya
  • Logistical Support for the Nsama Community Scout Anti-Poaching Unit for Nsumbu National Park, Zambia
  • Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team
  • Support to Joint Conservancy Anti-Poaching Team of Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT)
  • Sustaining Local Support for Elephant Conservation near Ruaha, Tanzania
  • Wildlife Protection and Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) Mitigation for the Communities of Chiawa, Zambia
  • Community-Based Human Elephant Conflict Management, Bhutan
  • Conflict to Coexistence: Securing Jharkhand-West Bengal Inter- State Elephant Corridor, India
  • Elephant Conservation Welfare Training for Temple Mahouts and Cawadi, India
  • Fostering Human-Elephant Coexistence (HECx) Awareness in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Implementing a Crowd-sourced Elephant Monitoring and Early Warning, India
  • Monitoring Asian Elephants and Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict in the Core Landscape of the Southern/Eastern Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia
  • Strengthening Community Based Anti-Poaching Units (CBAPUs) for Asian elephant Conservation in the Corridor between Nepal and India
  • Elephant Response Units (ERUs) in Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Support and Development of an Elephant Conservation Center, Myanmar

    Ex Situ

  • EEHV Genomics and Pathogenesis
  • Identification of Candidate Proteins for an EEHV Vaccine
  • Pharmacokinetics of Rectally and Orally Administered Levofloxacin in Asian elephants
  • Relevancy of African and Asian Elephants in Zoological Facilities

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