The International Elephant Foundation is now accepting proposals for 2019 Elephant Conservation and Research Funding Support for African elephants, Asian elephants, and Ex-situ conservation and research projects. View the grant application page or go download the application guidelines.

DEADLINE: August 10, 2018

Every worthy elephant conservation and research project will be considered, but for 2019 we have outlined funding priorities in the following categories:

AFRICAN ELEPHANT Conservation Funding Support

  • Human-elephant conflict mitigation and coexistence
  • Reducing habitat fragmentation and loss
  • Action to eliminate illegal killing and trafficking of elephants
  • Community capacity building
  • Conservation education

ASIAN ELEPHANT Conservation Funding Support

Elephants in Human Care Conservation and Research Funding Support

  • Critical diseases – EEHV or Tuberculosis
  • Quantify the impacts of conservation education at U.S elephant holding facilities on public action in the U.S and/or in Asian and/or African elephant range countries