Our Mission


Vision Statement

We are the catalyst for creating a sustainable future where elephants thrive by linking people and elephants for their mutual long-term benefit.

Mission Statement

IEF creates a sustainable future for elephants. We generate and effectively invest resources to support elephant conservation, education, research, and management programs worldwide. Through our passion, expertise, knowledge, and partnerships we inspire and engage people to ensure a vibrant future with elephants everywhere.


The members of IEF identify projects and funding to support elephant conservation programs consistent with the principles of the Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG) of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), the American Zoo and Aquarium Association Taxon Advisory Group/Species Survival Plan (AZA TAG/SSP), the Species Management Programme (ASMP) of the Council of Governing Bodies of Australasian Zoos, the Joint Management of Species Group (JMSG) of the British Federation of Zoos, the Europaiesches Erhaltungszucht Programm (EEP) of European zoos, the African Propagation Program (APP) of the Pan African Association, the South East Asian Zoo Association (SEAZA), and the Indian Endangered Species Breeding Program of the Central Zoo Authority of India (IESBP).