It is with the most profound appreciation and respect that we acknowledge our many partners whose support and assistance have allowed us to continue our mission to create a sustainable future where elephants thrive.

Government Partners

We thank the national, regional and local governments with whom we work for their cooperation and guidance.

Uganda Wildlife Authority

US Fish & Wildlife

Balai Donservasi

Citizen Services Bhutan

Myanma Timber Enterprises

The donation of funding, services and time of our corporate and business partners enables the International Elephant Foundation to support elephant conservation, education, research and management programs worldwide. For this, the International Elephant Foundation is deeply appreciative and pleased to work with such caring individuals and companies.

Partner Organizations

Zoological Partners

Milwaukee Zoo

Baton Rouge Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo

Omaha Zoo

Oregon Zoo

Reid Park Zoo

Roger Williams Park

Riverbanks Zoo

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Wildlife Safari

San Antonio Zoo

Topeka Zoo

Tulsa Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo

Lee Richardson Zoo

Pt. Defiance Zoo

Conservation Partners

Rare Species

Business / Corporate Conservation Partners

Animal Anonymous Apparel

If you would like to learn more about how your company can partner with the International Elephant Foundation to support elephant conservation and protection programs, please contact us. Our many programs in Africa and Asia are a perfect way to connect your customers, staff and company to conservation programs that make a difference.

Non-government Organizations and Conservation Partners

We would be unable to accomplish our conservation programs and goals without the partnerships that bring the expertise and provide the implementation of project activities.