Berra’s Autumn for Elephants

Filed Under: Keeper Diary

What do you get when you juxtapose the rough skin of elephants with the refined beauty of high fashion?

Jvdas Berra’s Autumn for the Elephants project. World renowned photographer Berra decided to pair his love of elephants with his keen eye for style and art. The result is a series of stunning photographs featuring 3 Asian elephants.

Autumn for the Elephants is more than just a fashion shoot. Berra envisioned it as a way to bring attention to and raise money for conservation and readily admitted that his “love for animals is even greater than [his] love for fashion.” To accomplish that goal, a portion of every print from this series will go to support elephant conservation on a global scale through the International Elephant Foundation.

Jvdas Berra’s stunning work can be purchased online at These Fine Walls.