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#Tweet4Elephants event

in Nairobi on 13th January at 6 pm Kenya Time (3pm-5pm GMT). (10am-Noon EST)

As you may know, we have made huge progress in Kenya on protecting elephants, and stopping the trafficking of ivory across our borders in the last 12 months. Three major achievements include:

New and aggressive penalties in our new Wildlife Conservation and Management Act.
Creation of a dedicated team of wildlife prosecutors
Interpol assisted arrest of suspected Kenyan ivory kingpin, Feisal Mohamed Ali in Tanzania, repatriation and his prosecution in a Kenyan court.

WildlifeDirect through it’s Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign has played a major role in creating awareness and mobilizing public support for elephants to end the slaughter of our elephants.

We are participating in a #Tweet4Elephants event in Nairobi on 13th January at 6 pm Kenya Time (3pm GMT, 10am EST). The event is being generously hosted by the United States Ambassador to Kenya, Robert F. Godec.

Participants in a room will engage in a live discussion and include a diverse cross-section of society from conservation experts, to international musicians, top Kenyan bloggers and social media experts, as well as members of communities, NGO’s, the business and government sectors. The discussion promises to be quite lively, and it will be shared online through twitter to include all who are interested. We will examine the poaching crisis and efforts to end poaching, trafficking and demand for ivory.

We would like to invite you and your partner organizations around the world to participate in the conversation by following the twitter hashtag #Tweet4Elephants at 3pm GMT (6 – 8 pm in Nairobi).

Elephant poaching threatens our shared global heritage, help us infect the world with a love for these magnificent animals through a global conversation to save them.

Please share these details throughout your networks.