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Woburn UK sends us this Easter Photo

Woburn in the UK sent us this fabulous photo to share Conservation requires a great deal of 'thinking forward'--thinking forward towards the next project, thinking forward towards policy developments, thinking forward for population numbers, and thinking forward for the future of elephants. This month, we are pleased to highlight some of the many ways IEF [...]

2017 IEF Project Support

IEF-supported projects protect elephants from poaching, seek solutions for human-elephant conflict, equip and train community conservationists, increase our knowledge of the treatment and prevention of disease and educate people.

EEHV Advisory Group Meeting

The Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV) Advisory Group met in Atlanta, GA, the Saturday following the joint American Association of Zoo Veterinarians/European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians conference in July 2016.

Interview: Dr. Michele Miller

Elephant Conservation, Outreach & Elephant Diseases IEF is very excited to start a new interview segment in our eNewsletter, aiming to have conservationists explain their work in their own words. We hope to inspire and show what it takes to be on the front lines of elephant conservation. We are honored to have our inaugural [...]

Integrating teaching and folklore theatre to promote HECx

R. Marimuthu and B.A. Daniel International Elephant Foundation IEF funded a project to conduct 10 Human Elephant Coexistence street plays, two days teacher- training workshops and 2 school education programmes in Erode Forest Division, Tamil Nadu. Zoo Outreach Organization conducted several teacher-training workshops in India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal), Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia and [...]