Congratulations to the Winners!

As we wrap up this year, let’s look back at some of the highlights like the winners of the 2021 Conservation Video Awards! This year’s competition was stiff, with compelling, impactful videos from projects across the globe. We received hundreds of votes and you loved every one! But three eked out as the winners.


Our First Place winner is “HEC mitigation through community managed Tongis (look out points) in fringe of Kaziranga NP, India”. This project helped integrate community protection with conservation action by building tongis, or look-out points, so farmers could help prevent human-elephant conflict, crop-raiding, and keep people safe.


Second Place went to “Elephant utilization of the Kavango-Zambezi wildlife corridor of KAZA TFCA, Zambia”.  From learning about elephant movements and habitat use to helping farmers build low-cost poliwire fencing systems to prevent conflict and crop-raiding, IEF has supported this valuable work for many years.


An Honorable Mention was “Protection of Sumatran Elephant & Habitat through Conservation Response Units (CRUs)”. One of the largest populations of critically endangered Sumatran elephants resides in Aceh province in Sumatra, where these Conservation Response Units help protect habitat, herd wild elephants away from human settlements, aid injured wildlife, conduct community outreach, and so much more.

While each of these projects received a small cash prize for their success, the real winners are the elephants benefitting from this excellent work!  Congratulations to all!