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ZyZy’s Elephant Wish

Thanks to a generous donor, a little girl’s dream of elephants came true. Last fall the International Elephant Foundation [...]

Crayons for Kibale

Help school children in Uganda learn about elephants, conservation, and their natural heritage. Due to the global pandemic and [...]

We met our goal!

We met our goal! Because of all of you, our wonderful supporters, the International Elephant Foundation has reached our goal [...]

Pandemic and Lockdown Impacts on Conservation in Sumatra

The dense lowland forests in the north of the island of Sumatra hold some of the world’s most magnificent, rare, and unique animals and some of the most dedicated people devoted to their preservation. Working out of 7 base camps throughout Aceh Province, the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) teams of skilled, conservation-management trained mahouts and their elephants are the frontline workers protecting wildlife and habitat. And they need our help.

How COVID-19 Hurts Elephants

One of the words we keep hearing these days is "uncertain". We live in "uncertain times", the future of businesses is "uncertain", and even the future of conservation is "uncertain". With this uncertainty comes a need for people to understand how our world is changing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conservation and Research Grant Update

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, IEF will not be soliciting proposals for our Conservation and Research grant program on our annual time frame at this time. Please follow our web site for further news and information.

Thankful for Courage

As we sit down and give thanks for all of the blessings we have in life, we at the International Elephant Foundation would like to highlight how thankful we are for the Rangers, Eco-Guards, Patrolmen and Patrolwomen who devote their lives to protecting wild things and wild places. This year’s Giving Tuesday campaign is dedicated to them!

Conservation Grant Video Awards

We are always so impressed with the videos submitted by our conservation project grant award winners about their work that we wanted to add something fun and rewarding in 2019.

10 Things We Are Grateful for this #Giving Tuesday

Your support means so much, especially in this difficult time when worries are high and individual sacrifice is so great. COVID-19 is hitting both Africa and Asia hard not only taking a human toll but since tourism is at a halt everywhere, much needed, and anticipated income is no longer available to governments and communities which then limits their conservation, education, and protection efforts for animals and habitats. We need your help now more than ever and hope that you consider a gift to IEF on this "Giving Tuesday".

2020 Grant Application

IEF is now accepting proposals for 2020 Elephant Conservation and Research Funding Support!

  • Sacrifice on the Frontlines of Conservation

Sacrifice on the Frontlines of Conservation

Fourteen Community Scouts in the Lower Zambezi area (Luangwa District which is part of Rufunsa Game Management Area) have been working and putting their lives on the line without receiving their salaries since December 2017. . .

EEHV Advisory Group NEWS

Wildlife and zoo veterinarians, scientists, conservationists, and elephant specialists work for solutions to help young elephants threatened globally by EEHV virus . . .

WORLD Elephant Day – Aug 12, 2018

World Elephant Day is August 12th and it is going to be ele-fantastic! Not only are we all wearing our I ❤️ Elephants shirts to celebrate, we are relaunching the campaign so you can buy one for yourself! . .

2019 Conservation Grant Proposals due Aug. 10, 2018

The International Elephant Foundation is now accepting proposals for 2019 Elephant Conservation and Research Funding Support for African elephants, Asian elephants, and Ex-situ conservation and research projects.

  • Stephen teaching knot skills to delegates at an annual EMA conference. Photo Courtesy of Daryl Hoffman

Remembering Stephen Eisele

Photo: Stephen teaching knot skills to delegates at an annual EMA conference. Photo Courtesy of Daryl Hoffman The International Elephant [...]

PBS, IEF & You

Local PBS affiliates have partnered with IEF to support elephant conservation during their pledge drives.

Send an eCard

IEF now has Elephant eCards. Send one, send many. Delight your friends and family. Send for an occasion or just to say "hello"

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