How You Can Help Elephants on World Elephant Day?

Few things elicit wonder and love in our hearts to the degree that seeing an elephant does. Their massive size, the incredible trunk, and the nimbleness and grace with which they move all captivate and inspire us to care about their future.

This August 12th is World Elephant Day. Join us in building a sustainable future where elephants thrive! As Sir David Attenborough said, “are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”

With approximately 415,000 African forest elephants and African savanna elephants left in all of Africa, and less than 50,000 Asian elephants left, every species of elephant is now listed as endangered or critically endangered. Elephants need all the help they can get. Elephants need you!

Here’s How You Can Help Elephants Today:

  1. Sponsor An Elephant. The Big Tuskers and Iconic Females of Tsavo, Kenya have ivory weighing over 100 pounds per tusk. These are the elephants of storybooks. But their gorgeously massive ivory makes them a huge target for poachers. You can support efforts to protect them by symbolically adopting one of these majestic creatures.
  2. Wear your love of elephants and wildlife on your sleeve by purchasing apparel from from August 8th-August 12th when Animal Pride will donate 100% of their Net Proceeds from all sales and products (not just elephant products) sold on to IEF. Funds raised will be used to support elephant protection and conservation projects including stopping poachers, preventing wildlife crime, helping communities safely coexist with elephants, protecting habitats, and developing treatments and vaccines for elephant diseases.
  3. Like, comment, and share IEF’s posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to help spread the word about elephants and conservation.
  4. Start with a Smile anytime you shop on Amazon. Select the International Elephant Foundation as your charitable organization & Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price to help support elephant conservation! Visit SMILE AMAZON – IEF

This World Elephant Day, you can make a difference!

Help us make sure the next generation of elephants doesn’t only live in picture books.