Strengthening human elephant co-existence in the buffer zone of Bardia National Park

Conserving Asian elephants in a fragmented and human dominated landscape has become a very challenging task for elephant range countries. The severity of the problem is reflected by the fact that wild elephants killed 10 people and injured 19, damaged 188 houses, and 1,224 households lost their crops in and around the Bardia National Park since 2009. In retaliation, four elephants were shot and three elephants were electrocuted which is almost 10% of the elephant population in the area. To ensure the existence of the people and the remaining wild elephants, immediate intervention to mitigate human-elephant conflict (HEC) is needed. This project by the National Trust for Nature Conservation will establish a scientific database management system on HEC, develop and activate a rapid response team to deal with HEC incidents, and conduct human elephant co-existence related awareness activities including the planting of alternative crops (unpalatable to elephants) and the development of alternative livelihood options.