Conservation Video Awards

We are always so impressed with the videos submitted by our conservation project grant award winners about their work that we wanted to add something fun and rewarding: We are holding our third annual Conservation Grant Video Awards and letting you help us decide the winner and runner-up, both who will be receiving a cash prize.

Winners will be determined by online votes combined with those of our expert panel and Board of Directors.

Which is the best project video this year?

Project Report: Protection of Sumatran Elephant & Habitat through Conservation Response Units (CRUs)

Project Report: Behaviour-based HEC mitigation: combining tactical and homemade strategies, Zambia

HEC mitigation through community managed Tongis (look out points) in fringe of Kaziranga NP, India

Elephant deterrent effectiveness in light of ecological and agricultural variation, Kenya

Elephant utilization of the Kavango-Zambezi wildlife corridor of KAZA TFCA, Zambia

Realization of an Effective Vaccine Against Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus

Expansion of the DNPW/CLZ Detection and Tracking Dog Unit to Provide Additional Law Enforcement Support to Elephants and Other Wildlife in the Lower Zambezi


Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team, Kenya