Improve Anti-poaching and control of illegal bushmeat trade

Improve Anti-poaching and control of illegal bushmeat trade

Negotiating Partnerships and Building Capacity for Improved Anti-poaching and Control of Illegal Bushmeat Trade Around the Campo-Maían National Park and its Environs, Cameroon. (initiated 2006)

This project proposal focuses on reinforcing controls against poaching and illegal trade in bush meat inside and within the periphery of the Campo Maían National Park (CMNP) in order to reduce exposure of the elephant to risks from human encroachment and poaching. This projectís prime objective is to strengthen capacity of the wildlife service to manage elephant populations, through training and equipment of game guards, improvement in planning and execution of anti-poaching patrols, and conceptualization and implementation of information, education and communication programs to enable increased elephant related environmental awareness of local communities and other stakeholders.

The expected outputs of the project revolve around:

* Improved capacity of local environment and wildlife department personnel in carrying out anti-poaching activities and handling sustainable wildlife use and harvest issues;

* Strengthened framework for multi-stakeholder involvement in the anti-poaching activities and promotion of sustainable wildlife use and harvest;

* Increased awareness of local populations and key actors in poaching issues and wildlife conservation laws and policies.

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