We received this very touching letter from the mother of Kandace Lynn Morris, a lover of elephants that sadly passed away last August –

Please accept this donation in honor of Kandace Lynn Morris.

My daughter Kandace passed away one year ago at 22 years of age. I raised her alone and we had a bond closer than anyone could imagine. She was so beautiful Inside and out. She had a great love for elephants. She would draw elephants on note pads. Leave me notes with “I love you momma” with a picture of an elephant underneath.

Her face page was and still is elephants.

I can’t count the friends and family that have gotten elephant tattoos after her passing. I asked her one day, why do you love elephants so much? She answered “because they are family and family stays together”. When she passed on 8/5/13, a baby elephant was born at the Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth, Texas. World Elephant Day, 8/12/14, marks the anniversary of Kandace’s church memorial service.

I know in my heart that Kandace’s connection with elephants will continue forever.