Human elephant conflict (HEC) has become a problem in most of India. Several mitigation measures have been initiated to address this issue but elephants continue to come out of the forests regularly and are causing enormous damage to life and the property of people living in and around forests. With IEF funding in 2011, Zoo Outreach Organization conducted teacher-training workshops and trained participants from different conflict villages on human elephant coexistence (HECx). By using a variety of techniques in teaching, the workshop helped all the participants understand the themes and issues related to HEC and HECx. The workshop also taught important daily practices, the “do’s and don’ts” for living in HEC areas. This project will pick up where the previous one left off and teach school teachers, school children and the community who live in or near Northern Western Ghats, HEC safety and coexistence through teacher training, school awareness programs for children and street folk theatre, one of the oldest and most powerful art forms in India.