Congratulations to the Tegal Yoso Conservation Response Unit (CRU) Team on the birth of two healthy baby elephants in the same week!

At 2:30 AM on March 20th Riska gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Then a few days later on March 27th at 2:15 AM Dona gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

One of IEF’s signature conservation programs are the CRU teams protecting Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra. While all elephants in Indonesia are officially owned by the government, the CRU elephants live under the care of the mahouts and wildlife rangers of the CRUs. Their expertise and caring eye has raised the level of care for these elephants, which was acknowledged by the authorities when they entrusted two pregnant females in their care.

These new calfs represent two jumbo steps away from extinction for this critically endangered elephant population. Their births are a testament to the great care, dedication, and experience of the mahouts who are a tremendous asset to elephant conservation. We are proud of their work, both for wild elephant populations and for the elephants in their care!

Support the CRUs and the great work they do protecting elephants, habitat, and other wildlife.

Source of photo: Netral News (