Mitigating conflict and maintaining corridors in Kafta-Shiraro National Park, Ethiopia

The Kafta-Shiraro National Park (KSNP) in northern Ethiopia is home to 300 African elephants, approximately 15-20% of the total Ethiopian population. This is the northern most elephant population in Africa. Seventy-two hectares of irrigated agricultural land along the Tekazze River was included inside the newly established KSNP boundary. This land blocks a critical elephant corridor between the country of Eritrea and prime habitat within KSNP, and is the primary location for human elephant conflict. The KSNP boundary agreement between the government and the farmers included a provision for the restoration of the 72 hectares to KSNP in return for compensation and replacement land. IEF is providing support to the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority for the compensation agreement process, compensation payments and for follow- up monitoring to ensure that no further agricultural activities occur in order to restore this agricultural land to natural habitat within the KSNP.