Park Protection and Training Program in Kafue National Park,

In early 2011, IEF support assisted Game Rangers International (GRI) to procure a custom built Patrol Boat in order to provide an increased level of presence on Lake Itezhi Tezhi, which forms the northern boundary of Kafue National Park. In the past, poachers posing as fishermen have taken advantage of the porous nature of this natural boundary and gained unimpeded access into the Park. As a result, poaching along the lake shore and within a five (5) kilometer radius of the lake shore has been high and continues to be a current threat. The Patrol Boat and trained staff can now have a regular presence on the lake to deter or intercept poachers. In addition the Patrol Boat allows GRI to support Zambian Wildlife Authority and the local communities to improve relations with local fishermen and therefore gain valuable intelligence and information regarding the movements and modus operandi of the lake shore poachers.

GRI – IEF Final Report 2011 leading into 2012