If you’ve been watching public television lately, you might have noticed IEF’s name mentioned. A handful of local PBS affiliates have partnered with IEF to support elephant conservation during their pledge drives. One of the most successful partnerships was with KCTS 9 out of Seattle, Washington.

To coordinate with their showing of the elephant documentary “Naledi: One Little Elephant”, KCTS 9 reached out to IEF to add an elephant conservation component to their Spring Campaign. Every donation made by the public to support their local station included a small donation to anti-poaching patrols through IEF. Anti-poaching facts and photos were incorporated into their messaging and also on their website’s campaign page!

KCTS 9’s mission is to “inspire a smarter world” and they have certainly done that through this campaign. They are committed to raising global awareness to important causes. As described by their Director of Philanthropy, Kerry O’Keefe, “At KCTS, we have a powerful educational tool in our hands and can reach a large audience with our airwaves. Our partnership with the International Elephant Foundation was a natural bridge in connecting our audience to an important cause – one that they got to witness first-hand through our programming. That’s an important role for us as a public media organization in Seattle, to help create an informed community with a shared sense of local and global responsibility.”

IEF is proud to work with conservation-minded people and organizations around the world, and we couldn’t be more honored to be featured on KCTS 9!