PNI – Omo-Oluwa-Shasha Forest Elephant Initiative Project Progress Report
January 2010 – May 2011

This document represents important markers towards the establishment and subsequent effective management of the Forest Elephant Initiative. Grant activity and progress made to date include:

Human settlement/Forest Utilization Survey – Completed for Omo and Oluwa but not possible in Shasha due to allocation of farms, but solutions are being sought

Rehabilitation of Erin field camp – Erin camp has been repaired and refurbished and is being actively maintained.

Deployment of Government rangers – Rangers have been actively patrolling the target area from time to time, but are still awaiting permanent secondment of rangers

Recruitment of 2 community liaison/rangers – 2 community liaison officers and 1 ranger have been working in the area since the start of the project

Engagement of the State Government Authorities – In partnership with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, the State Government Authorities have been actively and frequently engaged. A letter of support has been obtained from Ogun state and is expected shortly from Ondo. Solutions within Osun are still being sought.

Eventually Omo-Shasha-Oluwa is expected to be a managed as a wildlife sanctuary (under IUCN Protected Area Category IV) with several objectives that are aimed at protecting biodiversity but permitting human use where this is compatible with forest conservation. The management plan will guide and control the management of the forest’s resources, the use of its different areas and development of facilities required to support these uses.

PNI – Omo-Oluwa-Shasha Forest Elephant Initiative