Project Description

Strengthening Community Based Anti-Poaching Units (CBAPUs) for Asian elephant Conservation in the Corridor between Nepal and India

The elephant population in Bardia National Park (BNP), Nepal, has gone from only 2 elephants in 1994 to 80-100 individuals, an increase largely due to a corridor between Nepal and India. Elephants inside BNP are protected by armed guards but the corridor and areas outside of park borders are at risk from poaching and retaliatory killing after HEC incidents. IEF has previously supported outreach and HEC mitigation in this region with this year’s work building on those efforts. Through a collaborative approach with the local people, this project will strengthen capacity of the Community Based Anti-Poaching Units (CBAPUs) by implementing regular anti-poaching patrols, teaching methods of motivating elephants away from villages, and holding community conservation education programs. This project will also protect vital habitat from illegal resource extraction which helps other endangered species in the region, including tiger, rhino, and gharial.