Community Based Elephant Conservation Program

Human-elephant conflict in Bhutan is a serious threat to rural livelihood and results in crop and property damage. Additionally, there is a risk of danger when humans encounter wild elephants, such as in the case of farmers trying to protect their fields from crop-raiding elephants.

With the increase of human activity, and the resulting habitat loss within the elephant range along the Indo-Bhutan border, particularly on the Indian border, there is an increasing trend of human-elephant conflict (HEC) as elephants seek forage in a changing landscape. With IEF support, education and training will be provided to farmers and forestry staff in order to reduce the intensity of elephant damage. HEC will also be addressed through elephant habitat improvement activities in the degraded areas.

By protecting habitat for elephants, the project will also be providing habitat protection for a myriad of other native species that inhabit the same areas.