Project Description

Community Based Protection of Sumatran Elephant Populations and Habitat in northern Sumatra through Conservation Response Units (CRU)

Approximately 550 elephants out of the 1700 elephants in Sumatra are located in Aceh, northern
Sumatra in fragmented habitat. In order to protect this segment of the elephant population, there
are 7 CRUs working in partnership with government conservation agencies. Utilizing captive
elephants, their mahouts, and local community representatives for direct, successful field-based
conservation interventions, these units support the conservation of wild elephants and protection
of habitat, and create opportunities for local communities achieving positive outcomes for both
elephants and people. Continuing the activities conducted by the CRU units is important for
sustainable management, for mitigation of HEC, and to support local community awareness and
involvement in forest protection.

This project is supported in part by The Berry Family Trust.