Project Description

Conservation of elephants in key areas of Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA)

Over the last ten years, IEF has supported the construction of ten ranger stations, veterinary
facility, and the Joint Operating Command Centre (JOCC) which coordinate all of the Park’s
ranger and security operations in MFCA in an attempt to take back the park from poachers.
Where ranger stations have been established, wildlife is returning and snares and leg hold traps
which are decimating many animal populations such as lions and antelope, as well as maiming
and killing animals such as elephants and endangered Rothschild’s giraffe are found and
removed demonstrating the success of the project. In 2020 IEF is supporting the construction of
two additional ranger stations in the heart of poaching country where there is no ranger presence.

This project is supported in part by The Berry Family Trust.

This project is supported in part by:

Utah’s Hogle Zoo