Project Description

Conservation of Elephants in key areas of Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda

Fifty years ago Murchison Falls had the most elephants per square kilometer in Africa. Today after decades of uncontrolled poaching, a mere 500 elephants remain plus thousands of snares and gin traps, and large gangs of armed poachers. Southern Murchison accounts for over 2/3rds of the land area of the park yet it has few ranger posts to protect key elephant habitat. This project will create a permanent anti-poaching ranger post in the heart of the Sambiya river valley, southern MFCA, to block poachers coming from the Bulisa and Nebbi districts across Lake Albert. The Bugana Ranger post will be constructed out of recycled shipping containers, as used in Semanya Ranger Post. Uganda Conservation Foundation and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) will train and equip rangers with geolocation cameras to document patrols, to produce evidence for use in the prosecution of poachers, and to manage poaching data and trends.

Uganda’s Elephants: The Real Story is a 7 minute long video. Produced with Verity White to provide schools, universities, wildlife training institute, the tourism and conservation sectors a tool to help understand Uganda’s natural heritage and history a little better.

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