Project Description

Conservation Response Units, Seblat Nature Reserve, Sumatra

The Conservation Response Unit (CRU) Seblat patrols the Seblat Nature Reserve under the auspices of the Bengkulu BKSDA (Provincial Conservation Agency) in Sumatra, Indonesia. IEF has supported this project site since 2000 and the CRU concept was initiated in 2004 with the Seblat location serving as one of the models for the expansion of the CRU program throughout the region. The habitat of the Seblat Nature Reserve is under intense pressure from encroachment, illegal clearing, and human settlements. With a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Asian Elephant Conservation Fund, IEF is providing support in order for CRU patrols to continue to monitor and secure this vital piece of habitat that would very likely not exist be it not for the CRU program. A number of critically endangered and threatened species call this area their home, including Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tigers, siamangs, hornbill, and tapir. The long-term goal is to use data collected by the CRU patrols and secure a corridor between the Seblat Nature Reserve and the nearby Kerinci Seblat National Park to increase available safe habitat for the elephants and other wildlife who live in the region.