Project Description

Expansion of the DNPW/CLZ detection and tracking dog unit to provide additional law enforcement support to elephants and other wildlife in the Lower Zambezi

In response to a surge in wildlife crime and trafficking from 2014-2016, the Department of
National Parks and Wildlife and Conservation Lower Zambezi established a specialized K9 Unit
and Rapid Response Units to help in law enforcement. The four man-two dog unit moves
between trafficking hotspots in the areas surrounding the national park. Trained for both
tracking and detection of illegal wildlife products including ivory, bushmeat, pangolin, rhino
horn, rifles, ammunition and various pelts; the dogs have been conducting vehicle searches with
their handlers at various checkpoints. This unit contributes to the goal of strangling channels of
movement for illegal wildlife products. IEF is supporting the expansion of this unit with two
additional detection dogs, new equipment for dogs and handlers, new kennel, and refresher
training for the current unit.

This project is supported in part by The Berry Family Trust.