Project Description

Human Elephant Coexistence HECx : Advocating through awareness programmes in Tamil Nadu, India

Human-elephant conflict is a widespread issue throughout the Tamil Nadu communities. Elephants are venturing outside of forest areas, often daily, causing enormous damage to life and property with roughly 35-40 human causalities per year. This project will teach human-elephant coexistence techniques and best practices through 15 street plays and 10 school awareness programs in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu. The traditional artform of street plays is an effective way to educate a large number of people in an accessible way. Plays will cover HEC mitigation techniques, “Do’s and don’ts” of living in conflict-prone areas, and important daily practices to stay safe. These education and outreach activities will help communities live harmoniously with elephants thereby saving lives.

This project is supported in part by The Berry Family Trust.