Project Description

Monitoring Asian Elephants and Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict in the Core Landscape of the Southern/Eastern Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia

The Cardamom Mountains Landscape is home to the only sustainable core population of Asian elephants in Indochina, and they are threatened by habitat loss and degradation. This project with Fauna & Flora International’s Cambodian Elephant Conservation Group (CECG) will implement a long-term elephant monitoring program using camera traps set in core elephant areas (previously identified through IEF supported dung-DNA surveys). As increasing human pressures impact elephant habitat, HEC mitigation will be another area of focus. The project will provide support and training to government-led HEC teams to assist communities in responding to HEC incidents and threats. To build community support and raise awareness of conservation issues, this project will also support the function and maintenance of two primary schools located within the elephant habitat region. This project is the next step in the work IEF has funded for the past 3 years.