PEACE (People and Elephants Amicably Co-Existing) conflict mitigation program, Namibia

Namibia’s desert-adapted elephants are decreasing. From 2010-2019, 5 of 7 breeding bulls in the
Ugab River were shot either as a trophy or ‘problem animal’. From 2003-2019, only 5 of 24
deaths were from natural causes; the rest were human-induced or unknown. This vulnerable
desert sub-population of elephants is at risk. This project aims to prevent further decline in
elephant numbers by teaching people who live alongside elephants how to avoid conflicts plus
train ‘Elephant Guards’ who will help in this quest. With the goal of reducing HEC, PEACE
Conflict Mitigation Courses and training will be offered to communities, traditional authorities,
and conservancies. ‘Elephant Guards’ will work within conservancies to educate and serve as a
first response team to elephant-related emergencies.

This project is supported in part by: