Project Description

Smart Fence for Early Elephant Warning: Prototype Design and Field Implementation,

Finding a solution to human-elephant conflict is a rapidly expanding field of research and of great need. This project addresses that need through modifying and making innovations to existing technology to create a barrier between conflict-prone elephant populations and affected communities. The technology for the low-cost Early Elephant Detection and Warning System (EEDWS) is based on the LASER fence developed under Roadkill Prevention System (RPS) but modified with extended coverage, sound and SMS alert. The current RPS system has three levels to detect and segregate road crossing animals based on size. For the EEDWS, only one LASER line at a height a few centimeters below the average Asian elephant height is needed but the LASER transmitter and receiver distance needs to be increased more than 500 meters to provide obstruction free passage. After completion of design for elephants, the EEDWS will be tested with domesticated elephants in an elephant camp and then field-tested at a selected conflict hot spot.