Elephant Conservation and Research Funding Support

The International Elephant Foundation’s Elephant Conservation and Research Funding Support grant application process is a two-part process. For applicants to be considered for funding in 2024, we require the submittal of a short pre-proposal which will be due April 28, 2023. Pre-proposals selected for further consideration will be invited to submit a full proposal by May 26, 2023 with a deadline to submit your full proposal by August 11, 2023. The selection of the final grantees will be in December 2023 for funding to be made available in 2024.

Pre-proposal Application

2022 Funded Programs

African Savannah Elephant

  • Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation, Zambia
  • Habitat Fragmentation Monitoring and Community Capacity Building, Ethiopia
  • Support to DNPW/CLZ K9 Unit Operations, Zambia
  • Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team
  • Conservation of elephants, Uganda
  • Big Tusker Project, Kenya
  • Using social network analysis, Uganda
  • Support of the Anti-Poaching Teams, Kenya
  • PEACE, Namibia

African Forest Elephant

  • Conserving African Forest Elephants, Cameroon
  • Safeguarding the Populations of Forest Elephant, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Collaring Forest Elephants, Republic of Guinea

Asian Elephant

  • Promoting Human Elephant Coexistence, India
  • Enhancing Elephant Connectivity and Safety, India
  • Elephant Protection, Cambodia
  • Elephant Conservation, Eastern Nepal
  • Tongis and Conservation Education, India
  • Conservation Response Units (CRUs), Indonesia
  • Emergency Elephant Response Units (EERUs), Myanmar
  • Community Based Anti-Poaching Units, India
  • Elephant Response Units (ERUs), Indonesia


  • Musth Variation Among Asian Elephants
  • EEHV Genomics and Pathogenesis
  • Realization of an Effective Vaccine Against EEHV