Things You Might Not Know About IEF


* IEF was formed in 1998 by managers and directors of facilities that manage elephants in human care.

* IEF has provided over $2.7 million to elephant conservation and research programs internationally since inception.

* IEF has supported over 100 elephant conservation and research programs.

* The current board has over 350 years of accumulative experience in wildlife and elephant handling, management, research and conservation.

* Since inception, over 88% of funds raised have gone to conservation and research programs.

* Board members receive no compensation for time spent on IEF business.

* IEF has supported Elephant Conservation Centers in Sumatra since 2000.

* IEF produced the Elephant Husbandry Resource Guide in 2004, the most recognized document on elephant management. The second addition is being     worked on now.

* IEF awards conservation and research grants annually.

* IEF has a Facebook page.