Conservation Grant Video Awards

We are always so impressed with the videos submitted by our conservation project grant award winners about their work that we wanted to add something fun and rewarding in 2020.

We are holding our second annual Conservation Grant Video Awards and letting you help us decide the winner and runner-up, both who will be receiving a cash prize.

We have narrowed the submissions down to the top 5 but we need help to pick the winner.

North Sumatra Conservation Response Units (CRUs)

Musth Variation Among Asian Elephants- Applications for Conservation

Elephant deterrents, behavioral responses, and ecological correlates of crop-raiding, Kenya

Elephant utilization of the Kavango-Zambezi wildlife corridor of KAZA TFCA, Zambia

Enabling Human-elephant coexistence through applied research and stakeholder engagement, Botswana

    We ask that each person vote for their favorite video - AND THAT THEY VOTE ONLY ONCE!