World Elephant Day is August 12th and it is going to be ele-fantastic! Not only are we all wearing our I ❤ Elephants shirts to celebrate, we are relaunching the campaign so you can buy one for yourself!

They come in t-shirts, tanks, and now HOODIES!

Proceeds from this round of I ❤ Elephants Shirts benefit the game rangers and eco-guards of the Ziama forest in Guinea. These brave, dedicated conservation warriors protect the biodiversity-rich Ziama forest ecosystem that is home to some of Africa’s most threatened species, including chimpanzees and the only viable forest elephant population in Guinea.

There are currently only 30 rangers capable of protecting and patrolling this region and they are underfunded and inadequately equipped. This year IEF has pledged to help outfit these rangers with new boots, packs, and more–but there is always additional need! You can help this brave team, and get new elephant gear for yourself by supporting IEF’s I ❤ Elephants campaign with Bonfire.

Celebrate World Elephant Day!
Help Rangers!
Get a cool shirt!

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