Did you know that being a wildlife ranger is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet? Over 100 rangers died in the line of duty in 2018 alone. Today is World ranger day, a day where we acknowledge and celebrate the brave men and women who risk their safety and security every single day on behalf of wild things and wild places. Please join IEF in thanking them on World Ranger Day!

Rangers in Uganda’s Murchison Falls only have 3 old, unreliable vehicles with which to find and catch poachers, appear in court, deliver supplies, tend to injured wildlife, service community needs, and more. Let’s show our gratitude for their brave, selfless work, help them catch more poachers, while keeping morale high by giving them a new vehicle. Including our initial donation from a generous donor, we are over 70% of the way there! We only need $13,400 more to get wheels on the ground!

Today is World Ranger Day

Update on Rangers in Uganda

2020 has been especially difficult for rangers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic funding to support ranger salaries and day-to-day operations are at an all-time low and poaching and wildlife crime are on the rise. The conservation community is doing its best to rally support for rangers throughout the world and IEF is working hard to assist the rangers we support in Sumatra, Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda. We know that it has been a difficult year for everyone including wildlife which is being poached in increasing numbers. Rangers are wildlife’s last defense from poachers.

Our partners on the ground are reporting that despite scarce resources, ranger morale is good. Founder and Trustee of Uganda Conservation Foundation Mike Keigwin tell us that there is “lots of poaching. We are up against it“. At the moment we are focused on keeping the patrol/ranger operations going and disrupting poaching as much as possible.”

In the past couple of months ten thousand bricks were made by hand by youths from Pacer Community College, who learned both a skill and earned income. Your support during the “bricks of love” campaign in February contributed to this effort. This new crop of handmade bricks is being used to build the new Ayago 3 and Atil Camp ranger stations. The foundations have been poured covering hundreds of snares confiscated by rangers during their patrols. The construction of these ranger stations could not have occurred without you, our generous donors who are making a difference with your support of IEF. We look forward to sharing more updates on these ranger stations over the next couple of months.

Asian Elephant Awareness Month

Did you know that August is Asian Elephant Awareness Month? To celebrate, the International Elephant Foundation is working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to promote an entire month of Asian elephant facts. Stay tuned to our social media accounts daily to keep up and celebrate Asian elephants! Join in and share your love, and remember to use the hashtags #AsianElephantAwarenessMonth #TONSofLove #AEAM2020

Call For 2021 Conservation Grant Proposals

The International Elephant Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be accepting applications for Asian and African elephant conservation initiatives for funding in 2021. Emergency actions and projects that directly address problems exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis will be given special consideration. A limited number of grants will be available and the average grant size awarded will be approximately $10,000.

Application deadline is September 7, 2020.

For more information and to apply, Click Here.