Jumbo kudos to each and every one of you! On Giving Tuesday elephant enthusiasts showed their support of our elephant conservation efforts and our website was overloaded! Our sincerest appreciation to all of you who donated.

For those of you who experienced technical difficulties on our website, we apologize and sincerely hope that you will consider visiting again. Our website is back up and running faster than ever!

There is still so much good work left to be done! In the Republic of Guinea, the wildlife rangers who we provided with boots, socks, backpacks and other equipment this year, are in desperate need of tents. As you can imagine, without proper equipment walking in rainforest conditions does not permit you to cover a great distance. Rangers can patrol for only a limited time–approximately 3 hours from any given ranger post as they are forced to return back before it gets too dark since they lack tents to shelter from the elements and stay for the night. Without the ability to sleep in the forest, parts of habitat go un-patrolled and unprotected.

The vital population of forest elephants who live in this region need our help. The rangers need our help.