Tongis and Conservation Education for Fringe Villages of Kaziranga National Park, India

Human-elephant conflict is a major challenge for communities living around Kaziranga National Park, with crop losses causing considerable financial hardship, safety concerns, and even death. To mitigate this conflict and improve crop yields tongis, or lookout points, are being built in additional villages to allow farmers to monitor crops safely and avoid confrontation. In addition, this year a conservation education module is being delivered through a series of interactive meetings in order to create greater awareness of elephants and wildlife, methods to peacefully co-exist and disseminate best practices based on past project implementation. Elephant movements are also being tracked and studied so local responses can be nimble in implementing HEC mitigation measures.

IEF #1038

Project Years: 2020 – 2022

Project Partners:
Dr. Naveen Pandey, The Corbett Foundation, India