Saving Elephants Educator’s Guide
Grades 2 ~ 6

The International Elephant Foundation is committed to creating high-quality, free educational materials for educators. Our hope is to provide a great product that addresses quality, usability, and accessibility for educators.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the International Elephant Foundation collaborated on this educational curriculum that centers on teaching the next generation about elephant conservation.

The poaching in June 2014, of Satao, one of the last iconic big tuskers in Kenya, was a tragedy. It is why he is featured on the cover of the Saving Elephants Educators Guide. This picture was taken by Dr. Joseph Soltis while working with Save the Elephants organization just 3 months before Satao died. We hope that through this curriculum we will raise awareness about elephant conservation issues and be able to save the lives of future elephants in both Africa and Asia.
Chapter Supplements

Individual lesson supplements referred to in the Educator’s Guide

Why protect large animals?
How much is your face worth?