Hold a Recycling Drive!

Habitat loss is a huge problem when it comes to elephant survival. Taking care of our planet is a great step in the right direction. Host a recycling drive to teach students about protecting the planet for themselves, elephants, and
generations to come.

Here’s what to do:

  • Identify your local recycling center. Your local city website often lists recycling locations, but you can also start your search here: https://www.iwanttoberecycled.org/search
  • Contact IEF to officially notify us of your event and qualify for prizes: Sarah Conley
  • Download the Powerpoint Recycle Drive Flyer, add your details, and print out flyers announcing your recycling drive.  Remember to put a deadline on the flyer.

  • Promote your event using social media (create a Facebook event page, build a buzz on Twitter, etc).
  • Make posters and banners to advertise around the school.
  • Contact local news media and ask to be listed in upcoming events and community calendars.
  • Collect bottles & cans. Tip: It helps to keep different kinds of recyclables separated as you go to streamline the redemption process since most centers require items to be sorted by kind (aluminum, plastic, glass).
  • Redeem your recyclables & donate the proceeds to IEF.

Tips on holding your event:

  • Set up recycling bins in school cafeterias, lounges, and meeting rooms.
  • Ask cafeteria staff if they have any empty containers that can be recycled.