Elephant Conservation and Research Funding Support

The International Elephant Foundation’s Elephant Conservation and Research Funding Support grant application process is a two-part process. For applicants to be considered for funding in 2024, we require the submittal of a short pre-proposal which is be due April 28, 2023.

Pre-proposals selected for further consideration will be invited to submit a full proposal by May 26, 2023 with a deadline to submit your full proposal by August 11, 2023. The selection of the final grantees will be in December 2023 for funding to be made available in 2024.

2022 Funded Programs

African Savannah Elephant

  • Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation, Zambia
  • Habitat Fragmentation Monitoring and Community Capacity Building, Ethiopia
  • Support to DNPW/CLZ K9 Unit Operations, Zambia
  • Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team
  • Conservation of elephants, Uganda
  • Big Tusker Project, Kenya
  • Using social network analysis, Uganda
  • Support of the Anti-Poaching Teams, Kenya
  • PEACE, Namibia

African Forest Elephant

  • Conserving African Forest Elephants, Cameroon
  • Safeguarding the Populations of Forest Elephant, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Collaring Forest Elephants, Republic of Guinea

Asian Elephant

  • Promoting Human Elephant Coexistence, India
  • Enhancing Elephant Connectivity and Safety, India
  • Elephant Protection, Cambodia
  • Elephant Conservation, Eastern Nepal
  • Tongis and Conservation Education, India
  • Conservation Response Units (CRUs), Indonesia
  • Emergency Elephant Response Units (EERUs), Myanmar
  • Community Based Anti-Poaching Units, India
  • Elephant Response Units (ERUs), Indonesia


  • Musth Variation Among Asian Elephants
  • EEHV Genomics and Pathogenesis
  • Realization of an Effective Vaccine Against EEHV