What’s Happening at IEF!

Conservation Chats

Laxmi Raj Joshi

Conservation Chat with Laxmi Raj Joshi of National Trust for Nature Conservation discussing Human-Elephant Coexistence in Nepal

Wildlife Alliance Kouprey Express Team

Conservation Chat with Wildlife Alliance Kouprey Express Team: Ying Horn, Phil Ratana, Chhun Sokchea and Chorn Cheng.

Mike Keigwin

Conservation Chat with Michael Keigwin of the Uganda Conservation Foundation discussing the Scouts Program and Snare Mountain.

Amos Gwema

Conservation Chat with Amos Gwema. Amos Gwema is the Principal Intelligence Officer for Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and is responsible for all Wildlife Intelligence in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Paul Ling

Conservation Chat with Dr. Paul Ling. Currently researching Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Mike Keigwin

Conservation Roundtable with Michael Keigwin of the Uganda Conservation Foundation

Ian Stevenson & Nikita Iyengar

Conservation Chat with Ian Stevenson, CEO of Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), and Nikita Iyengar, CLZ’s General Manager

Rabin Kadariya

Conservation Chat with Rabin Kadariya; National Trust for Nature Conservation

Elizabeth Ross and Emily Otali

Conservation Chat with Elizabeth Ross and Emily Otali; Kasiisi Project & Kibale Forest Schools Program