Travelers need the local currency (Thai Baht) to get a taxi, take a public bus, or buy a local SIM card at the airport. Credit cards cannot be used for these services.

Taxi counters are available for both international and domestic arrival gates at the airport.

There are 2 options for getting Thai Baht at Chiang Mai Airport:

  • Withdraw cash from ATM; 24 hrs service. Please note you will pay an exchange rate and have to pay your bank’s foreign withdrawal fees as well as an additional fee for the local bank (all Thai banks charge 220 THB for every withdrawal from foreign credit/debit card).
  • Exchange foreign currency; All currency exchange counters at Chiang Mai Airport are operated by the banks and there are no independent money changers at the airport. The open hours are from 08.30 am and closing hours from 7.30 pm