The IEF supported Emergency Elephant Response Units (EERU) teams in Myanmar have worked with the local forest police to catch and arrest 2 poachers! The Forestry Police arrested an elephant poaching ring in Irrawaddy Region’s Ngapudaw Township on March 9, 2018. They also confiscated tools used by the poachers including arrows, gunpowder and firearms as well.

Acting on an anonymous tip, the Forestry Police, Forestry Department, local police and the EERUs worked together to corner the poaching ring and arrest two of the three poachers. Unfortunately one was able to get away.

We are so proud of these amazing patrolmen who are on the front lines of conservation every single day! These EERU teams were developed and modeled after IEF’s successful Conservation Response Units (CRUs) in Sumatra, proving that good work has legs and can inspire more good work!