Adopting effective approaches to mitigate human wildlife conflict in the South Katavi Ecosystem, Tanzania

Coexistence between people and elephants is a significant conservation challenge in the south of Katavi National Park and Mpimbwe Wildlife Management area. Crop-raiding elephants reduce crop production which leads to seasonal food insecurity. Effective low-cost elephant deterrents were distributed in the region while providing conservation education to 35,000 people in 8 schools and 5 villages. Deterrents included beehive fences, chili-based olfactory repellent, and non-palatable crops. Citizen science facilitated data collection on the elephants who crop raid and the effectiveness of the deterrents and that data was used to guide long term elephant management plans.

IEF #AF1022

Project Years: 2020

Project Partners:
Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization