Asian Elephant Range States Meeting

In order to facilitate and legitimize the process to update both the previous Asian Elephant Range States Meeting documents and the Strategy and Action Plan for the Conservation of Sumatera and Kalimantan elephants 2007-2017, an IUCN/SSC facilitated workshop inviting government representatives from all 13 Asian elephant range countries was held. This workshop opened a dialogue to discuss issues, share experiences, and develop a consensus the for long-term conservation initiatives for the Asian elephant. As a result of delegate discussions covering topics such as elephant population management, Human- Elephant Conflict mitigation, poaching and illegal trade, the 13 Asian elephant range countries agreed to strengthen international collaborations, improve scientific monitoring to help restore the species’ habitat, create transboundary corridors, and halt the poaching and illegal trade of ivory. These actions were agreed to in the “The Jakarta Declaration for Asian Elephant Conservation”.

IEF #1029

Project Years: 2017

Project Partners:
USFWS, Directorat General of Nature Resources and Ecosystem Conservation, Indonesia, IUCN/SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group, REGAIN, Forum Konservasi Gajah Indonesia