Enabling Human-Elephant Co-existence Through Applied Research and Stakeholder Engagement, Botswana

Understanding how elephants utilize lands outside of protected areas is important for planning effective conservation actions. Due to an elephant population that has increased over several decades and recent ecological changes in northern Botswana, the range of elephants in the country has significantly expanded. In many areas, these movements have brought people and elephants into increasing conflict, with detrimental impacts on both sides. This project obtained movement and demographic data on elephants utilizing communal lands bordering the national park. This information helps local communities mitigate the impacts and dangers that elephants pose to their livelihoods, and enables conservationists to engage national stakeholders to use these data for land management and wildlife policies creating a safe and sustainable future for elephant and humans.

IEF #AF1023

Project Years: 2019 – 2020

Project Partners:
Elephants for Africa