Project Description

Realization of an Effective Vaccine Against Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus

EEHV is the single largest cause of death for captive juvenile Asian elephants in North America
and Europe. Furthermore, EEHV-associated deaths have been documented in wild Asian
elephants in their natural range countries in both Africa and Asia, adding yet another threat to
this endangered species. With IEF support among others, the Ling laboratory in Houston, Texas
has spent the last several years developing the tools needed to discover what parts of the EEHV
virus might be useful for developing a vaccine that can induce protective immunity for Asian
elephants. This project uses those tools to develop and evaluate an anti-EEHV vaccine and the
possibility of adapting it for use in African elephants as well.

This project is supported in part by:

Utah’s Hogle Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo
Columbus Zoo
St. Louis Zoo
San Diego Global Zoo
Louisville Zoo
Oklahoma City Zoo
Albuquerque BioPark Zoo