Saving Elephants by Helping People, Sri Lanka

Any conservation strategy that has the potential to succeed must include efforts to bridge the gap between people and the wildlife with which they share their land, and through the participation and cooperation of the rural people whose lives it will invariably affect. This project fenced elephants “out” of human settlements and the villagers participated in all aspects wildlife and habitat protection for the benefit of all. The project developed solutions at the community level to reduce conflict through a better understanding of elephant ecology, biology, human needs, and elephant management technology. Project outcomes:

  1. Erected solar-powered electric fences to resolve human-elephant conflict;
  2. Village field scouts program trained young students as biologists;
  3. Nature tourism provided opportunities to see the economic benefits of nature discouraging the use of the forest.
IEF #1002

Project Years: 2002 – 2008

Project Partners:
Sri Lanka Conservation Wildlife Society